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Experiencing a thrilling adventure of a lifetime in the ‘Pear of Africa’ with Uganda Adventure Safaris. We are a Ugandan Based Tour company, experienced in organizing a different mix of purely Adventure safaris in Uganda with some extending to Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo for now more than 5 years.

Informative and immersive, our tours are for those looking to develop a true understanding of African tour adventures including Mountain Gorilla Tracking, White water rafting, Mountain and rock climbing, hiking. We also organize a series of wildlife trips specifically to Uganda’s top National Parks such as Murchison Falls, Bwindi Forest, Kidepo Valley, Queen Elizabeth, Lake Mburo, Mgahinga Forest among others.

Uganda contains diversities of wildlife and scenery to which few other lands can compare.  From the rare tree climbing lions to the source of the longest river in the world, world’s greatest waterfall, the evergreen rain forests of Bwindi, Mghinga, Mabira etc, misty mountain ranges of Rwenzori, endangered mountain gorillas, Uganda’s natural assets are by what we most know best.

When we go to Rwanda, things are no less impressive. What was once thought as a small politically unstable landlocked country is these days one of the world’s most respected destinations for cultural tours. Kigali, Rwanda’s capital is attractive, easygoing and a sports-obsessed place where the arts thrive, the architecture’s iconic and the wining and dining world-class.

Whatever the adventure you’re after, be it African adventures or otherwise, Uganda Adventure Safari offers.


Different travelers visit Uganda for a number of varying activities regarding their likes and purpose. From researchers, scholars to ecologists, primatologists, conservationists, birders, others come for refreshment and enjoyment.  However, here are the top Adventure Activities that cannot miss in our pre-packaged safari itineraries.

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